Apparently, the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

Add to that: Failing to follow your own plan.

We think of ourselves as ‘whole’ but really we’re made up of parts. The leader, planner, manager in us is he who plans change.

The follower, doer, employee in us is he who must execute the change.

So what happens, how does the superior planner in the morning become the inferior doer in the afternoon?

As you progress through your day, life gets in the way…

Things pop up and sidetrack you…

You fail to check in with yourself or refer back to the plan…

You don’t hold yourself accountable for your lack of action or failures…

The outcome, the planner to doer loop fractures, you fail to execute your own plan.

Fix this in three easy steps:

1. Allocate and protect the time needed to take the action toward executing your plan.

2. Check in with your plan at least twice per day, ideally 11 am and 3 pm so you can, if needed, rescue the plan.

3. Get a coach or enlist someone who you respect to help you see your own blind spots, hold you accountable and to take a detached perspective.

Men. Make it Matter.