“You don’t build a team or a business, you build people, then people do the building”

– Z Ziglar

Your People are your Business.  Invest in your people to grow your business


of men think that they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life. 19.5% have had diagnoses confirmed by professionals


of marriages end in divorce and in these cases, 51% of wives petition for divorce because of unreasonable behaviour

men committed suicide in 2016

All of this personal crossover can and will impact your business and team!.

Great results in business or sport are never achieved by one person.  They’re accomplished by a team of people, people who are valued, supported and respected.  These people embrace the culture they are part of and execute to the highest possible standard, time and time again…

Is your team valued, supported and respected? Do they reflect your culture, do they execute it time and time again…?

Statistics show that engaged and empowered employees are more productive, more likely to become advocates of your brand and are more likely to perform to significantly higher standards than those that are disengaged and have no autonomy.

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How engaged and empowered are those in your business or team?

High Performance across all divisions is vital for success.

BetterMen works with businesses, sports teams and organisations who understand the importance of investing in their people.  Our principle aim is to enable men to reach and sustain long term success whilst maintaining positive relationships and personal wellbeing.  We believe a successful man’s life is about balancing personal and professional commitments, managing both physical and mental wellbeing and nurturing relationships whilst being both purposeful and present with those that matter most.

By investing in and empowering the men in your teams to become high performers, you will strengthen your brand, align your workforce more closely to the company’s mission and values, drive customer loyalty and promote a more positive impact on the bottom line or the league table. 

If you are serious about success, start with your people!

At BetterMen, we offer practical, evidence-based techniques for mastering a high performance mindset and empowering men, be they leaders, team members or individuals, for long term success.  We use a unique combination of High Performance Coaching and NLP change technologies in our coaching techniques.  We use evidence-based practices for promoting engagement, achieving high-level performance and sustaining increased productivity, all whilst working towards reducing organisational sickness and presentism.

The impact our coaching can have within an organisation could be the difference between shifting from average to excellent employers and transitioning your workforce from good to great employees.

When teams make substantial gains and improvements in their performance in a short amount of time, it can have a hugely positive impact on individuals across all levels and the bottom-line or league position.

We offer a range of coaching options, all of which centre of improving male performance.  You can invest in the men that you employ by facilitating their coaching with BetterMen Our corporate coaching services included: 

1 on 1 Coaching

Conducted over a 12–week period BetterMen, guarantees an ROI.  Clients will feel more engaged, more energised, more purposeful.  They will increase their performance, their contribution and their productivity.  The impact of this coaching will be felt throughout your team or business.  It is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to recruitment. 

1 on 1 coaching sessions are conducted on a weekly basis and last for 60 – 75 minutes.  All coaching sessions are backed up by a detailed email summary of what was discussed and further supported by a coaching worksheet.  The combination of frame shifting questions, implementable and practical advice will change the dynamic of your team or business.

The 360° Session

This is powerful work, conducted at pace.  It re-aligns the client’s personal and professional values to their thinking, their behaviours and their actions. 

This 3 hour intensive session is client centric.  It propels client forward enabling them to gain greater clarity, generate increased awareness, cultivate new strategies and systems for growth and create forward momentum in both their personal and professional lives.

Achieve more in less time.  Gain the Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence to be the man you want to be at home and in your career or profession. 

High Performance Coaching Days

Have intent, want to make an impact, need to shake things up or take your business or team to the next level?  

BetterMen will transform your employers from achievers to high performers. Our high performance coaching days are powerful and impactful.  We work on developing your people, the people you entrust to make your business or team a success.   

The outcome of undergoing this coaching is that your team members will be completely engaged and aligned to both their own personal mission and that of your professional organisational mission.  They will achieve complete clarity on who they are, what they represent, and the importance of their job roll within your team.  They will develop the mindset, focus and habits that they need to contribute fully, not only in their professional life but also their personal life. 

BetterMen will examine how confident and bold your employees are showing up in the world, what distractions or poor habits cause them fall off course and what routines can keep them on track.  Finally, we identify what your employees can do to better influence, lead and inspire themselves and their peers. 

We create better, more present, more engaged, high performing employees and team members.

We explore how clear your employees feel about their overall life and goals, whether or not they have the physical energy and mental stamina to perform to their best – both at home and in the workplace.  They will learn the skills and strategies to become high performers, they will show up in the world as authentic men, men of substance with both presence and purpose. 

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