“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”

– A. Ashe

Here are some of the questions BetterMen frequently gets asked.

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How does BetterMen coaching differ from life coaching?

With life coaching there can be a level of ambiguity.  People find themselves wondering: how long will it take, how much will it cost, what do we cover, what guarantees do I have this works?  With BetterMen there is none of this.

We operate from a scientifically tested and proven approach to achieving success that is rooted in decades of research.  Each session has clear outcomes and builds on the next so you experience a level of learning and development that is very intentional in its progression.  Each session also has a training component, where we teach you a new habit, tool, concept or framework that furthers your education and growth in that area.

There is a set fee, a set structure and a set time frame.  There is no BS, just tangible progression toward becoming a better man.

Who does BetterMen work with?

We work with men.  Men who recognise their need to advance in their personal and professional lives from being high achievers to high performers.  We work with men that are intent on getting more from their lives.

We work with companies, organisations and sports teams who recognise the importance of investing in those that they employ.  From senior levels of management, to professional athletes and sportsmen, BetterMen has the ability to engage and deliver high performance results.

What can I expect from working with BetterMen?

You can expect to be a better man.  A man of presence, of purpose, a man who is a high performer in both his personal and professional life.  Feedback from clients tell us that men feel:

  • They have greater clarity of personal and professional purpose. They begin living more intentionally. Expectations of what they can achieve in life are known to them. They know what supports them and have strategies to overcome things that distract them.
  • They are able to generate and manage their own energy to be more effective in their lives. They become both fitter and healthier.  They get tired less and they show up with a greater enthusiasm and enjoy their lives more.
  • They have the courage to take action. They readily demonstrate their courage and people notice and value them more.  They become more assertive, more decisive and are able to generate and maintain momentum more readily.
  • They immediately begin being more productive. They manage their everyday responsibilities with ease, they actively seek out new opportunities and have more time to themselves.
  • They become better leaders and more influential in their careers and relationships. They are less likely to people please.  They have a greater understanding of their goals and objectives and are better able to achieve them by influencing family, friends, colleagues and themselves.
Why do you only work with men?

BetterMen is not sexist, nor is it discriminatory toward women.  There is no gender bias here.

Attitudes are changing, and men are entitled to receive the same levels of support as their female counterparts.  The single biggest killer of men under fifty years of age is suicide!  BetterMen is in a position to assist and influence men; to potentially save lives.

Why should I invest in my management team?

If you are serious about success, if you are serious about achieving your targets, if you are serious about your own career you will recognise the contribution and appreciate the value of those that work for you.

Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression isn’t the modern day ‘bad back’, it’s real and it’s costing you.  In 2016, the ONS concluded that common mental health problems were the third most important cause of sick leave. Mental health related issues were found to lead to 12.7% of the total sick days taken in the UK. The average annual cost of lost employment (per employee) in the UK is estimated at £7,230 due to depression and £6,850 due to anxiety.

With modern technology, gone are the days of personal and professional boundaries, they cross over multiple times per day.  Employees personal lives impact on their performance in the workplace, fact!  BetterMen specialises in enabling high performance; which we define as, ‘Reaching and sustaining long term success whilst maintaining positive wellbeing and relationships’.

If you’re an employer of choice, if you recognise the importance of investing in your workforce, if you believe that people are capable of more then please feel free to contact BetterMen.

How are coaching sessions conducted?

It’s the 21st century, geographical locations no longer present a physical barrier.  Private and corporate coaching sessions are conducted over audio visual conferencing software such as Zoom.

All high performance coaching sessions are conducted on a weekly basis and last for around 60 – 75 minutes.  All coaching sessions are backed up by a detailed email summary of what was discussed and further supported by a coaching worksheet.  The combination of frame shifting questions, implementable and practical advice is unlike any other coaching programme available.

Why must I participate in a strategy session before working with BetterMen?

Not all those that apply for a strategy call get one.  We are selective about who we work with and therefore ask you to fill out an online questionnaire before speaking directly to us.

Our professional, fast paced, proven coaching model isn’t for everyone.  If we don’t think we’ll be a great fit then we won’t process your application.  We need to understand where you are at in your life, what challenges you face and ultimately what it is that you need from us.

Are you willing to commit, time, effort, energy, money and emotion into becoming a better man? If so, let’s talk.

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