“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

A. Lincoln

Get out of your own way!  Decide what you want, create a plan and get moving!

What is the Men’s Mastermind?

The Men’s Mastermind is a unique experience designed to take you out of your own normal, day to day environment and immerse you in a process of self-reflection, personal realisation and transformational growth.

You will leave with a clear sense of self purpose, the courage to authentically live your life, the energy to be fully alive and present and with the ability to influence positive change in yourself and others. 

We will work with you to formulate your own individual action plan, a plan that will steer and guide you to achieving a state of high performance throughout your life, so you become a better, more fulfilled version of yourself.

See our dates for 2020.

Men’s Mastermind Structure

The Men’s Mastermind is delivered over three days and three nights in a spacious and refreshing environment.  You will have your own room with ensuite facilities. Meals and beverages are provided.

Prior to attending, you will take part in a coaching strategy session with your BetterMen mastermind leader. We will work together, one on one, to conduct a whole life assessment, identifying key areas for your own personal development and growth.

During the mastermind, BetterMen coaches will work directly with you through the five areas of performance mastery: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence.  New perspectives and insights also come from facilitated conversational workshops, during which we will draw on personal experience, the experience of others, and input from the mastermind leaders. These are highly constructive conversations that are designed to enable you to better understand yourself and create practical solutions for progressing in life and moving towards becoming a better version of you.

Post mastermind, you will attend two follow up and accountability coaching sessions conducted at four and eight weeks intervals with the intention of keeping you on track and holding you accountable to your individual action plan.  Furthermore, the mastermind leaders will facilitate a community social media group for attendees to remain in contact and further assist one another if they wish.


Pre Attendance Coaching Session


Three Day Residential Men's Mastermind


Week Four Follow Up Coaching Session


Week Eight Accountability Coaching Session

Complete access and support from BetterMen throughout the entire Mastermind Experience

In addition to having time to explore and enjoy the refreshing environment, you will also take part in light physical exercise: including walking, energy generation techniques, relaxation practices and guided mediation. 

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As an attendee of the Performance Mastermind you can expect:

  • To have greater clarity of personal and professional purpose. You’ll begin living more intentionally. Your expectations of what you can achieve in life will be clearer and you’ll have a better understanding of what thoughts and actions support your ambitions and have strategies to overcome things that may get in the way.
  • To be able to generate and manage your own energy to be more effective in your life. You will become both fitter and healthier, feeling less tired  and more enthused. You will enjoy your life more.
  • To have the courage to take action. You will readily demonstrate your courage and people will start to notice and value you more.  You will become more assertive, more decisive and able to generate and maintain momentum more readily.
  • To immediately begin being more productive. You will manage your everyday responsibilities with ease, actively seeking out new opportunities whilst having more time to yourself.
  • To become a better leader and be more influential in your career and relationships. You will be less likely to people please and have a greater understanding of what your goals and objectives are. You will also be better able to achieve your ambitions by influencing family, friends, colleagues and yourself.

Dates for 2020

We plan to run our next Men’s Mastermind in the latter part of 2020 which should allow you to plan time in your diary.

This is powerful, impactful change work.  This isn’t a production line nor is it about getting you in and following a general programme.

We treat your as an individual, we recognise your achievements and your challenges.  We provide a unique environment for you to participate in a process of self-reflection, personal realisation and transformational growth; we believe all men have the potential to become more.  When will you become more?

Apply to attend

To attend the performance mastermind, you must apply.  Places are strictly limited.  There are never more than ten men in attendance at a single mastermind.  To apply, please follow the link below.

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