“Behind every man is a women who loves, cares and supports him”

A. Gaskin


of men think that they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life


have had mental health diagnoses confirmed by professionals


of marriages end in divorce


of wives petition for divorce because of unreasonable behaviour

men committed suicide in 2016

What is BetterMen

BetterMen is a coaching service whose principle aim is to enable men to reach and sustain long term success whilst maintaining positive relationships and personal wellbeing.  We believe a successful man’s life is about balancing personal and professional commitments, managing both physical and mental wellbeing, nurturing relationships whilst being both purposeful and present with those that matter most.

We work with men.  Men who are intent to better themselves, men that want to give more and gain more from their lives.  Typically, men that work with us want more; More happiness in their lives.  More passion in their relationships.  More connection to those that matter.  More energy to contribute.  More engagement with the world.  They want more meaning, more time and more freedom.

We achieve this through a systemised process of high performance coaching and NLP change technologies.  This isn’t life coaching, there are no grey areas, no false promises or ambiguities.  We use a scientifically tested and proven approach to enable men to become better men.

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How can you help a man you care about?

If you know a man, a good man that is lost, perhaps stuck, or going through a challenging period of change; or a good man who is truly capable of more and would benefit from receiving our direct support, our encouragement and our guidance to really achieve more in life then please get in touch.

We will provide you with the necessary details about what we do and how you can connect us to the man in your life that needs and deserves more.

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