The choices you make today create your future. Choose to become a better man?

Life. Are you making it happen or letting it happen?

BetterMen is a mission based company.  That mission is to enable men to live better lives; to reach and sustain long term personal and professional success whilst maintaining positives relationships and personal wellbeing. This is achieved through specific, targeted and structured coaching.


We believe a successful man’s life is about his ability to:

  • Balance personal and professional commitments
  • Manage both physical and mental wellbeing
  • Develop and nurture key relationships
  • Be both purposeful and present with those that matter the most

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BetterMen Coaching – Enabling Men to achieve Consistent Success

With all clients, BetterMen targets and focuses on five key areas of performance progression: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence.  These focal areas are supported by a framework devised by the High Performance Institute which includes Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, Persuasion and mastery of Purpose.

BetterMen achieves this through a systemised process of High Performance Coaching, which is a scientifically tested and proven coaching approach rooted in decades of research and the world renowned Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) behavioural change technologies.

Personalised for you

Unlike other programs, at BetterMen, the agenda and focus of coaching is directed by the coach ensuring that there is always momentum and forward movement for you.  Every session has clear outcomes and builds on the next so you experience a level of learning and personal development that is both purposeful and intentional in its progression.

Are you someone who recognises a need to advance both your personal and professional lives?  We’d love to work with you if you want MORE:  More success in your business or career; more happiness in your life; more passion in your relationships; more connection to those that matter; more energy to contribute; more effectiveness to lead; more engagement with the world; more certainty in your life!

If you want more time, more balance, more freedom, more meaning, more direction; if you want to be a better husband, a better father, a ‘better man’, we’d love to talk to you’ just call.

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How Can BetterMen Support You?


We specialise in enabling men to live great lives!  Become better, more successful men, husbands, partners, fathers, sons, career professionals or businessmen.

Clients tell us that having worked with us they feel:

They have greater clarity of personal and professional purpose

They begin living more intentionally. Their expectations of what they can achieve in life are known to them. They know what supports them and have strategies to overcome things that distract them.

They are able to generate and manage their own energy to be more effective in their lives

They become both fitter and healthier.  They get tired less and they show up with a greater enthusiasm and enjoy their lives more.

They have the courage to take action

They readily demonstrate their courage and people notice and value them more.  They become more assertive, more decisive and are able to generate and maintain momentum more readily.

They immediately begin being more productive

They manage their everyday responsibilities with ease, they actively seek out new opportunities and have more time to themselves.

They become better leaders and more influential in their careers and relationships

They are less likely to people please. They have greater understanding of what their goals and objectives are, and are better able to achieve them by influencing family, friends, colleagues and themselves.