Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance

J. Whitmore

Coaching is the art of change, development and growth…  

We take coaching seriously, this isn’t just a job or career, this is our profession.  We are professionals and our business is making men’s lives better.  It is that simple.  

We achieve this through a systemised process of High Performance Coaching™, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) behavioural change technologies and an advanced understanding of Male Psychology. 

Our mission is to enable men to live better lives; to reach and sustain long term personal and professional success whilst maintaining positive relationships and personal well-being.

We work with men who recognise their need to advance in their personal and professional lives from being high achievers to high performers.  We work with men that are intent on getting more from their lives. 

We work with companies, organisations and sports teams who recognise the importance of investing in those that they employ.  From senior levels of management to professional athletes and sportsmen, BetterMen has the ability to engage and deliver high performance results. 

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What does coaching do, how can it help me?  It has many benefits; here are some that we feel are important to the men that we work with: 

  • Asks you where you are and where you want to go and then helps you take positive action 
  • Builds upon what is good in your life and helps you remove things that are holding you back 
  • Helps you to rediscover your strengths and talents and encourages you to use these 
  • Increases your happiness and well-being whilst reducing negativity and poor health
  • Facilitates lasting change by embedding successful and positive habits into your daily routine 
  • Moves you forward by focusing on your future positive thoughts, behaviours and emotions 

Change doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes courage, commitment and consistency.  Let BetterMen coach you to reaching and sustaining personal and professional success. 

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