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The BetterMen Blog is our way to inspire, empower and educate our fellow men…  What if you are just one idea, one strategy, one tip or one habit away from enabling yourself to live a better life!  The BetterMen blog is a collection of articles that we know are relevant to you.  We cover a range of topics, we leave no stone unturned, we explore all aspects of masculine success.

Where am I heading?

Going harder or faster - in the wrong direction is a flawed strategy. Here’s why: Tony Robins said, ‘success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure’... We see examples of this all the time: The divorced directorThe mid life crisis guyThe guy who chooses...

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Are you a Superior Planner and Inferior Doer?

Apparently, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Add to that: Failing to follow your own plan. We think of ourselves as ‘whole’ but really we’re made up of parts. The leader, planner, manager in us is he who plans change. The follower, doer, employee in...

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